CoMo | Web Service

Besides providing a set of web apps, CoMo also proposes a simple machine learning web service, with a single end point, .

This url accepts POST requests containing a training set and a training configuration, processes them and sends back a trained model to be used for recognition.

The exchanged data must be in JSON format and follow the RAPID-MIX JSON Specification.

Mano | Multimodal ANalysis Objects

Mano is a JavaScript library which makes gesture recognition from the smartphone's sensors easy. It contains classes that can preprocess the sensor data streams, record gesture examples, organize them into training sets, train a model for gesture recognition, and perform the actual gesture recognition.

Mano is available on github.

By default, it relies on CoMo's web service to train its gesture models. It also allows to setup an alternative local web service by overriding the default CoMo url. Such an alternative use of the library is demonstrated in the github repository's examples.